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In Calvary’s Care

In Calvary’s Care (ICC), is a sponsorship program that serves youth in the mountain villages of Barahona, Dominican Republic. The ministry began in 2006 when Pastor Doug was invited to teach a group of pastors who led churches in Barahona-area bateys (shanty-home communities near sugarcane fields, primarily populated by Haitian immigrants). During that visit, he learned that a large charity was ending their sponsorship program in Barahona’s mountain villages. Having met some of the families and seen their living conditions, Pastor Doug knew they needed help. Within a few weeks after returning home, Calvary Chapel of Delta had assumed leadership of the child sponsorship program.

For details about the child sponsorship program, please visit In Calvary’s Care’s website: or download the sponsorship brochure. For more information, email or call 1-888-873-8827.

Ministry Leader: Kathy Blecker

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