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Missions & Outreach

We prayerfully seek opportunities to share the gospel with the people in our own community and throughout the world. Some of our local activities include involvement at the Mason-Dixon Fair, Vacation Bible School, our annual 4th of July Celebration, and other seasonal or holiday-related events. Additionally, we support missions work in Asia, the Middle East, and the Dominican Republic.



Details about getting involved in any of the above-mentioned activities will be posted in the weekly bulletin and in the “Activities & Events” page of the website.

Bright View Outreach — [ON HOLD DUE TO COVID] On the second Sunday of each month, we have a time of worship and Bible teaching for the residents at Bright View Assisted Living Facility in Bel Air. All are welcome to participate.
Ministry Leader: Jim Musser

Ocean City Senior Week Outreach — Each year, thousands of recently-graduated high school seniors descend on Ocean City, Maryland, to party for a week. They walk the boardwalk and rest on the benches every afternoon into the night. This presents an amazing opportunity to engage them at a critical point in their lives. Many are only three short months away from college where their beliefs will be challenged and changed to align with the secular, new-age, humanist or atheistic world views. We go there to proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to these young men and women, which has the power to change their eternities. Additionally, there are typically opportunities to share Jesus with the young men and women working at the shops along the boardwalk. Many of them are from Russia, Ireland, Nepal, Israel, Muslim countries, and others. The Lord has brought people from around the world to us for a reason. It is so they can hear the good news of Jesus, surrender their lives to Him and take the Gospel back to their home country and people.

In Calvary’s Care — Barahona, Dominican Republic
Many of the children in this community cannot afford to attend school or eat regular meals. In Calvary’s Care seeks to minister Christ’s love to these children in a tangible, relational way. Each month, the families of sponsored children come to our ministry home by appointment. Our staff visits with the family, talks with them about what’s happening in their family, prays with them and for them, shares the Word with them, and then gives the family $20 worth of supplies (food staples) for each sponsored child. Our staff sends reports back to us so that sponsors can know what’s happening with their sponsored children and their families. We also send short-term teams to the DR to share the gospel several times per year. For more information, please visit our IN CALVARY’S CARE website.
Ministry Leader: Kathy Blecker


Keren Ahvah Meshihit (K.A.M.) — Israel
The members of K.A.M. are Israelis who have received Yeshua (Jesus), Israel ‘s Messiah, as their personal Savior and Lord. Since the end of 1959, K.A.M. has held weekend seminars and conferences, about ten times per year, for the purpose of studying the Word of God. Among the participants are members of many different congregations and groups of believers from all over Israel . One important feature at these gatherings is the good fellowship of Jewish and Arab believers. The Lord has used the conferences to bring about the salvation of souls, spiritual growth, and lasting friendships. K.A.M. also produces and distributes Bibles and books (over 170 titles so far) in Hebrew and Russian for evangelization, discipleship, and spiritual growth. More information: www.kerenahvah.org.

Pennsylvania United Medical Association (PUMA) — Nepal
Born of a love for touching people’s lives for eternity, PUMA has been leading medical mission teams to the remote kingdom of Nepal since 1997. Currently, PUMA maintains four full-time health clinics, treating thousands of patients annually. Church services are held every Sunday at each clinic. PUMA distributes thousands of Bibles on every medical outreach. PUMA’s children’s home in Kathmandu is a haven for 72 children. As these young souls grow in the Lord and graduate from school, they will be encouraged to go to Bible school and medical school, and enter the mission field. Short-term trips are available for medical and non-medical people alike. More information: www.puma2000.org.