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Our worship times emphasize the teaching of God’s Word, as we study the entirety of Scripture verse by verse, chapter by chapter. We also believe worship of God should be inspirational; therefore, we give great place to music in our worship. We believe in the power and importance of prayer; therefore, we have a weekly congregational prayer meeting Sunday evenings at 6:00.

Worship Times (Sunday morning, Sunday evening & Wednesday evening)
On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, we begin in the sanctuary with worship, prayer and announcements.  Pastor Doug then teaches verse by verse through a passage of Scripture.  We close with worship and prayer.  On Sunday evenings, we meet to pray for our community and church family.

We also provide lobby seating for those who cannot be in the sanctuary due to physical limitations, illnesses, a child who is upset or uncomfortable in children's ministry, or some other extenuating circumstance that would make it a challenge to sit with the rest of the congregation.

Nursery, Toddler Room, and 2-3 Year-Old Class
Babies, toddlers (stable walkers up to 2 years of age), and 2-3 year-olds may be dropped off at their classrooms fifteen minutes prior to the start of service.  There is also a nursing mothers’ room available that allows moms to view and hear the worship and teaching.

Children 4 through 12 Years Old
While parents are studying the Bible, verse by verse, in the sanctuary, the children are studying the same portion of Scripture in an age-appropriate setting.  This encourages family discussions of Scripture. On Wednesday evenings, we have family worship in the sanctuary before children are dismissed to their classes. On Sunday mornings, children go directly to their classrooms and have their own time of worship.  During Sunday evening prayer, we provide childcare for children through age 5.  Children 6 and older are invited to participate with their families in the prayer meeting.

Junior High
Junior High (grades 7-9) meets Sunday mornings at 11:00 and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 (after worship) in the Prayer Room for Bible study and discussion.

Senior High
Senior High (grades 10-12) meets Wednesday evenings at 7:00 (after worship) in the gym for Bible study and discussion.